Health Threats Men Face Through Life

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Know more about health threats men face through different age groups

Health Threats Men Face Through Life

A man’s health is basically dependent upon many factors. These include optimal exercise, good nutrition, avoiding use of drugs, not smoking and an in-depth relaxation. Though, today, men can avail the most advanced medical resources but this cannot stop our Mother Nature to run her course on their bodies. Therefore, it is quite vital for men to discover the essential health risks that they face at different stages of life and deal with them accordingly.

Men in their 20s

During their 20’s, usually the diet men follow is devoid of the needed vitamin D. Gym is the other partial blamer for this particular vitamin deficiency. Several youngsters desiring to acquire a physically fit body normally fail to concentrate on the significance of their day to day nutrition. An efficacious dose of vitamin D a day can tremendously improve the immunity function of men and decrease their risk to develop multiple kinds of cancers such as gastrointestinal and prostate cancer. The foods that are rich in vitamin D are dairy products and fish.

Men in their 30s

Men’s Health Trivia

Most American men born after 1980 are more concerned about variable disparities of their health.

Prostate cancer is commonest health hazard in men as reported by CDC irrespective of ethnicity or race.

During their 30s, men are more prone to be affected by herniated disc which initiates its deterioration and gets thinner and thinner with increasing age. The innumerable factors that lead to disc weakening are weight gain and strain imposed via a heavy object that has not been lifted properly. Though there are no immediate fixes for this disorder but one can prevent it by avoiding intense stretching exercises and high impact sports. Besides, they should keep themselves hydrated and consume nutritional fish oil.

Men in their 40s

During their 40s, men begin experiencing the symptoms of slow down which primarily means gradual decrease in the sexual drive, functioning of brain and the ability to attain a sound sleep; which considerably reduces their energy. All these symptoms are directly related to the suboptimal production of testosterone which is much more prevalent in aged men. The preventive measures involve taking regular saliva or blood samples to determine hormonal levels and treat them subsequently.

Men in their 50s and above

During their 50s, heart disease is one of the leading cause of death in men. For its prevention, men should meticulously protect their heart by improving their odds against the variable risk factors. These include controlling cholesterol as well as hypertension levels and increasing the physical activity. However, to remain fit at this age, men need to take care of what they eat and how they maintain their body. Prevention at an early age is the best cure for diseases in old age.

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