Are You Suffering From Computer Eye Syndrome?

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Know more about the ill-effects of working long hours in front of a computer screen

Are You Suffering From Computer Eye Syndrome?

Computer eye syndrome (CVS) is an eye condition that is caused due to excessive exposure to the radiation emitted from computer screens. In the present day, with growing dependency on computers in all walks of life, the incidence of computer related visual problems are on a rise. This condition in fact is a group of visual and ophthalmic problems which cause hindrance in sight in different ways.

Causes of computer eye syndrome

Computer screens emit x-radiations that are not safe for the human body, let alone human eye. On the eyes, they cause excessive eye strain, which leads to weakening eyesight and other related problems. The condition can either be temporary or permanent depending on the exposure to radiation. However, emission by the newer LCD and LEC monitors is far less than that of the older CRT monitors.

Symptoms of computer eye syndrome

Some of the most common symptoms are: severe strain on vision, epiphora, discharge from eyes, heaviness around the eyes, tiredness of the eyes, itching, irritation, redness, pain and blurred vision. Prolonged exposure might also cause photophobia. Besides the eye, sitting in front of the computer in the same position for long hours leads to problems of the shoulders, back and neck.

Prevention Measures

Eye Care Trivia

CVS is being increasingly diagnosed in children because of internet usage and computer games

In the United States, 100 million employees are required to use computers among whom 88% suffer some kind of visual condition

The best thing that you can do to prevent your eyes from getting affected avoid spendin continuous time in front of the computer. If professional commitments do not allow you this freedom, here are a few useful things you can try to avoid this visual condition.

  • Ensure that you are staring down at the computer and not looking up at it. The top of the computer should in line with your eye
  • Maintain a distance of at least one foot from the computer screen
  • Take occasional breaks. Close and relax eyes for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Do not adjust the computer screen to be very bright, since the sharpness can damage eyes
  • Have proper lighting on your work desk. Dim lighting causes more headaches and eyes experience more strain. Avoid lamps from focusing on the screen
  • You can wear anti-glare glasses that are available these days. These glasses reflect radiation and protect your eyes
  • Remind yourself not to stare at the screen. Intense concentration while working causes people to stare at the screen subconsciously. When you stare, the surface area of the retina exposed to radiation increases. Also, keep blinking regularly.
  • Avoid placing reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass on computer table. These surfaces reflect radiation and increase its intensity
  • Learn simple eye exercises and perform them regularly

Following these simple exercises will keep your eyes healthy and protected against computer eye syndrome. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, make it a point to have regular eye checkups.


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