10 Most Common Condom Mistakes Men Make

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Although a lot of people use condoms, a majority of them are unaware of right usage practice.

10 Most Common Condom Mistakes Men Make

Condom is an accepted and approved safe sex practice. However, the safety and effectiveness of condom depends on how you use it. Although a lot of men use condoms, they do not use them in the right manner, thus defeating the very purpose of wearing one during intercourse.

Here are 10 most common mistakes men make while using condoms. Know about them to avoid them.

Late usage: A condom is to be worn before initiation of intercourse. However, many men delay wearing it until intercourse begins. Little do they know, that this does not help in cutting down risk of STDs.

Removal: Removal of condom before intercourse does not justify the purpose of wearing one. The condom is supposed to be kept on until the end of intercourse.

Wrong way of wearing: Condoms are not supposed to be completely unrolled before wearing them. Unrolling increases chances of damage and makes it difficult to slide it on.

Not providing space for semen or removing air at the tip: Right condom usage pattern suggests that users need to leave some gap at the tip for semen. Also, air at the tip of the condom is supposed to be squeezed out before wearing a condom. This is important to protect the condom from breaking at the time of ejaculation.

Wearing on the wrong side: A lot of men end up wearing the condom upside down. So, they remove it and wear it back the right way. The objective of wearing a condom is defeated if this is done because the pre-ejaculatory fluids that stick to the outside of the condom come in contact with the partner, thus increasing risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Faulty opening tactics: Condoms should not be opened using sharp objects. The risk of the condom getting ripped increases if packets are opened like this. The logic is simple. If the opener is sharp enough to open the packet, it can damage the delicate condom as well during opening.

Damage check: It is important to check for damage in the condom before using it. Damage check includes ensuring that the wrapper is not damaged, expiry date check and checking for abnormalities in the condom while unrolling it.

Late withdrawal: Despite using a condom, it is necessary to withdraw immediately after ejaculation. Any little invisible damage in the condom can cause semen to leak out and cause a pregnancy.

Condom reuse: Although it sounds strange, men have been reported to using the same condom twice during an intercourse. This increases the risk of pregnancy drastically since semen can stick to the outer surface of the condom. It is also not hygienic to reuse condoms.

Storage problems: Condoms should not be stored in wallets or be exposed to sunlight. They should be stored in cool dry places such as in refrigerators because it is preferable to store them below room temperature.

Some important precautionary measures:

  • Using condoms that are not properly lubricated is unsafe because there is a higher risk of torn condoms in such cases.
  • Latex condoms should not be used with oil lubricants since oil weakens them.

Condoms are very essential for safety, enhanced protection and to prevent unwanted pregnancy, so use them properly and with care and stay protected.

Interesting Condom Trivia

17% to 51.1% men wear condoms well after initiating intercourse

13.6% to 44.7% of users remove the condom before intercourse ends

2.1% to 25.3% men unroll condoms completely before wearing them

24.5% to 45.7% users do not leave place for semen at the tip and 45% people do not squeeze out the air in the condom before using

Nearly 30.4% of users wear the condom half through before realizing that it was inside out

2.1% to 11.2% of users said that they use sharp objects to open the condom packet

74.5% men and 82.7% women said that they did not check for condom damage before using

27% women and 31% men said that withdraw soon after ejaculation was not done

3.3% to 19.1% of users said that they did not follow storage instructions given on the package

3.3% people said that they wore the same condom two times during intercourse


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