Eight Best Tips To Raise A Confident Girl

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Learn tips to keep your little girl’s self-esteem always on the high

Eight Best Tips To Raise A Confident Girl

Social pressures and high expectations can turn your lively little baby girl into a timid teenager. Here’s what you can do to keep little girl’s self-esteem always on the high.

It’s a difficult life for girls these days. Society expectations, cultural trends, media, and peer pressure all pass on contradictory messages to them regarding how they should look and act; thus leaving them confused and helpless. In their everyday struggle to grow up as an ideal woman, majority of teenage girls end up with problems like eating disorders, depression and low morale.

Here are the eight best tips that you as a proactive parent of a little girl can incorporate to ensure that the self- esteem of your child never plummets and that she positively grows up to be a strong and confident girl, well prepared to deal with all situations ahead in life.

1. Appreciate your daughter’s appearance


By the age of 15, girls are twice as likely to become depressed than boys

20–40% of girls begin dieting at age 10.

Eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression are the most common mental health problems in girls.

No matter what the age, girls always like dressing up and receiving compliments on how they look. Make sure you now and then compliment your daughter on how a hairstyle or dress colour suits her, or how smart or pretty she looks in a particular outfit. Compliments always help build up confidence. At the same time, it is necessary to correct her when she’s dressed to attract wrong attention. One must also educate their daughters that just dressing good or outward beauty is not enough and that appearance is also enhanced by how one carries them and by their behaviour.

2. Praise her efforts
Whether it’s cleaning up her room, watering plants, helping you lay the tables, excelling in her exams or even just participating in sports, praise her efforts. She doesn’t need to be a genius at everything or anything to get recognised. Letting her know how much her help mattered to you, or how proud you feel of her when she participated in a school race, even though she did not win it will always encourage her to fare better in everything she does.

3. Encourage her to voice her opinion
In order to teach your daughter to make herself be heard outside the home environment, say in school, you must encourage her to speak her mind at home. This will help boost her social skills.

4. Help her to take her own decisions
Let her get involved in simple decisions being made at home, so she learns how pros and cons are weighed to take much important decisions later in life.

5. Don’t limit her choices
Just because she’s a girl, don’t instil in her the feminist factor when it comes to making choices. If she prefers playing cricket with her brother as opposed to helping you out in the kitchen or going on a camping trip instead of a shopping trip, go ahead and motivate her to do so instead of discouraging her because of her gender. Physical activity is always good for physical as well as her mental health.

6. Build a positive body image
Constantly watching slim and beautiful women in movies, on TV and in magazines lead most girls to think that that is how they should be looking; at the same time if her parents too appear persistently anxious about their weight and body image, the child is bound to think in a similar manner. Hence it is important that you teach your girl to appreciate what she has and not to compare herself with others.

You must let her know that a healthy diet and regular exercise is what helps one keep slim and not dieting. She must also be explained that beautiful women on TV and magazines are majorly because of software’s like Photoshop.

7. Let them learn with their failures
Don’t discourage girls when they fail, instead explain them the factors that could be responsible for the failure and how trying again and again will help them succeed one day. This will help girls become more confident and competent.

8. Involve your family in your efforts to raising a confident girl
It is important that not just the parents, but immediate family and friends should too encourage your daughter’s actions and efforts like you. This will ensure that she doesn’t feel that her parents are just praising her to make her feel good, but there are others too who feel she’s doing things the right way.

Remember, while it is perfectly fine to let your angel know that she is a beautiful girl, it is equally important to ensure she grows up to be a beautiful and confident person too.

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