Mistakes Parents Make With Teens

on Friday, 17 February 2012. Posted in Teen health, Kid's Health Written By: Shruti Gaddam

Treat your teen right and prevent rebellions

Mistakes Parents Make With Teens

Teenage is a very delicate phase of life and parenting is not an easy job and when it comes to teenagers. Know how to treat your teens so that they do not become rebellious and a constant cause of worry.

Among the many mistakes parents make while handling their teenagers; the biggest, is not realizing that they are making a mistake.

What parents need to always remember is that teens undergo a lot of hormonal and psychological changes. So, their irritation, rebelliousness and moodiness are not always of their making. Patience and maturity should be your arms when you deal with teens.


75% of teenage deaths are due to motor accidents, injuries, homicide and suicide

Substance abuse can be triggered due to unhappy homes and iron fisted parents

Keep in mind the following mistakes parents commonly make with their teenage kids and make efforts to avoid them at best.


Yelling scares your teens but does not offer a solution to the problem. Not only does yelling switch on the defensive switch in your teen, it also makes them hostile towards you. Gradually, loud voices fall on deaf ears as your teens stop bothering. So, keep your voice normal but stern. More importantly, discuss the matter instead of holding a yelling contest.

Insulting and comparing

It is alright if your child does not get the best grades or is not the captain of the football team. Your child is still special and unique. So, never compare. Your teen sees this as an insult. Furthermore, it also paves way for lack of confidence and feelings of worthlessness; which can cause serious psychological issues.

Mistrust and suspicion

As kids enter the teenage parents get their suspicious antennae up. It is important to realize that your child can not always be wrong. Trust your teen, understand the background issues to a problem and give your kid a chance before jumping to conclusions. Mistrust sows the seeds of rebellion. However, at the same time keep track of your teen’s behavior and friend circle without making it obvious.

Babying and making a fuss over small things

Your teen is not a baby anymore. So, give that space and freedom. It is alright if you discover a recent tattoo or a new haircut. Be a good sport and be friendly. Do not nag over small things. Also, you need to allow your teens to test their waters. Do not mollycoddle them either. They need to be strong and learn to deal with failures and losses in life as well. However, be there like a rock to hold them if they fall, but allow them to climb first.

Considering good grades as a safe sign

This is one of the biggest mistakes parents make. Your kid might be smart with books, but what about his friends’ circle. Where does he spend the evenings and late nights? Whom does he chat with on the internet all night? A lot of things can be seriously wrong (read drugs), despite the good grades. Never take a smart teen for granted.

Healthy communication is the best way to deal with teens. Create a happy home environment where teens feel comfortable. Be their friend and appreciate their goodness. Your teens will reciprocate.

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