Common Teen Behavioral Problems Parents Must Understand

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Learn more about your teenagers behavioral changes and ways to tackle them

Common Teen Behavioral Problems Parents Must Understand

Children undergo a host of behavioral changes during teenage. As a parent, learn how to deal with them without causing a rift in the family.

Teenage is a tough phase, for both parents and children. While children battle the pressures of the society, their peers and the changes in their bodies and emotions; parents seem at loss with the sudden wall that builds up between them and their children. The trick is to identify teen behavioral issues and deal with them in the right manner. Read on for a brief guide on how to survive the teenage years of your kids successfully.

The urge to be independent

Teen Trivia

According to studies conducted in America in 2004, 19.1 million teens aged between 12 and 19 took illicit drugs.

Behavioral problems might include urge to cause self injury and shoplifting.

  • Teen traits: One of the most prominent changes that teens undergo, is developing an urge to be independent, especially with regard to their parents. They withdraw within themselves and stop sharing things with parents. They detest it if you hug or kiss them. They retreat into their rooms at every chance and spend hours in solitude. In an attempt to assert their independence, teens might get tattoos done or their bodies pierced.
  • Tips For parents: Relax. Your baby is not moving away from you. It is just a phase. Of course, if you press the issue, impose rules and yell at your teen, he will move away from you. Take it easy but keep an eye to ensure that our child is not getting into bad habits. Create a healthy home environment and talk to him all the time. Be there when he needs you but give him space. Do not be bossy. The phase passes once your child is out of teenage years.

Your teen turns rebellious

  • Teen traits: Rebelliousness is one of the most prominent characteristics of teenage years. You will notice that teens change their views just to assert their rebellious streak, often even if they do not mean what they say. You will also notice that teens begin preferring the views and ideas of their peers over yours. Rebelliousness leads to aggression and teens refuse to follow rules on purpose.
  • Tips for parents: When they are having one of their tantrums, do not join the yelling match. Control your temper but do not give in to their demands. If you yell back, you will only fuel their rebellion. Put an end to the matter calmly.

Wrong company

  • Teen Traits: Forbidden fruit is always sweeter to teens. They might get attracted towards people who may not be a good influence but still might sound ‘cool’ to your child, someone worth hanging out with. Bad company can lead to undesirable repercussions in the future with serious problems such as substance abuse and gross indiscipline.
  • Tips for parents: In such a case, tell the teen that his or her company bothers you. Do not sound too stern because it can kick up their rebellious streak. If you are certain that his company engages in bad behavior such as drugs, talk to the teen about your worry and explain the ill effects of drugs with examples. If need be, do consult a professional counselor or psychiatrist.

Teens make blunders. As a parent, ensure that the blunder does not prove too expensive for the child. Be there to support them when they at the most vulnerable stage of life.


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