De-Stressing Your Kids – 6 Effective and Simple Tips

on Wednesday, 18 April 2012. Posted in Kid's wellbeing, Kid's Health Written By: Shruti Gaddam

De-stress your kids to make them emotionally, psychologically and physically strong

De-Stressing Your Kids – 6 Effective and Simple Tips

Stress is the by-word in the present world. It is not just the adults who are stressed. Children have their own share of stressful moments which can bog down their emotional, physical and psychological growth. So, help your children de-stress, with these six effective de-stress techniques for kids.

Parental understanding and support

It is understandable that as parents, you want your kids to be the best in class, in your social circles and everywhere else. However, different kids have different skills and aptitudes. Identify the aptitude of your child and encourage him in those areas. Do not pressurize your child to excel. Pressure builds fear and prevents your child from performing to the best of his abilities, thus, leading to stress. Understand that your child is unique in his own right and cherish his uniqueness.

Outdoor activities

Stress in Kids Trivia

According to a study conducted in Baltimore, USA, 68% kids are stressed due to school work, 56% are stressed due to problems with parents, 52% are stressed due to peer pressure, 48% teens are stressed due to problems with romantic relationships, 48% are stressed due to drugs.

In 2010, United States spent $12 billion on treating and helping stressed out kids. 75% of them did not experience desired degree of stress relief.

Physical activities are the best stress busters. Let them indulge in outdoor sports every day. On weekends, the family can take off on trekking expeditions, movies, picnics or camping. Keep your child away from the thought of school and studies one day per week.

Create a happy home

A happy home is a powerful stress buster. Do not carry your work stress home and if you cannot help it, avoid venting your frustration on your kid by yelling. There should be a lot of laughter and positive vibes at home. Have supper or dinner together and share daily experiences. It helps the family bond and reduces stress in not just the kids but adults as well.

Practice meditation

Putting your child on to meditation from a very young age is one of the best gifts that you can give. Meditation and deep breathing calms the mind very deeply. It creates wholesome good health, improves mind power and has a very positive effect on a child’s growth. It also helps to handle stress much more easily.

Bring discipline and organization

An organized and disciplined life helps in dealing with stress more profoundly. Have your kids keep their rooms clean and organized. Meal times should be regular. Wake up and sleep times should also be the same every day. This helps in setting the biological clock in the body. As a result, mind and body work with clockwork precision. Handling stress becomes easier.

Encourage hobbies

Encourage your child to develop a hobby. It can be anything, but should be based on your child’s ability and aptitude. Art work, sports, reading, developing different kinds of collections are hobbies that will give your child an outlet for stress. Hobbies continue through life and help them de-stress in adulthood as well.

Although children do experience varying levels of stress, they do not actually comprehend that what they are undergoing is stress. They don’t understand how to find a solution. Helping them have a few outlets for stress can be a great thing in the long run. And, you as a parent can enjoy watching your child grow into a happy adult.

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