Top 5 Ways To Manage Toddler Tantrums

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Secrets on subtle but sure ways to discipline your child

Top 5 Ways To Manage Toddler Tantrums

Toddlerhood is a beautiful phase for parents as their babies delight them every day by learning new things. However, this stage of child growth marks the beginning of tantrums. You will find your toddler disobeying you on purpose and throwing tantrums to get things done. Although parents do tend to give in to the tantrums and let kids have their way most of the times, the effects can however, be very detrimental.

If you want your child to grow up into a responsible and disciplined adult, you have to start early. Given here are some of the best ways to manage your toddler’s tantrums and inculcate discipline:

Do not give in
Giving in to toddler tantrums can lead to two undesirable developments. Firstly, your kid realizes that he can manipulate you by throwing tantrums. Secondly, he begins to consider rules as things that can be broken. So, do not give in. Be stern and firm about the rules. When you do not react, he understands that rules are meant to be. It is the first step of leading a disciplined life.

Be consistent in imposing rules

Tantrum Trivia

PFC or Prefrontal Cortex is the part of the brain responsible for emotions and begins to mature only at the age of 4

Temper tantrums are most likely to happen when the child is exhausted, hungry, scared or sleepy

The rules that you impose on your child should be consistent every day. For example, if you forbid your child from using your mobile phone one day, be sure to forbid it every time he tries to play with it. Inconsistency in discipline enforcement confuses children about what is allowed and what is out of bounds.

Let your child face the consequence of wrong doings
If your child breaches a restriction, let him or her face the consequences. If a child is throwing food or his toys all over the place, include him in the cleaning process. Do not help your child in the cleaning at least until half of the mess has been cleared. Your child will try to break your resolve by looking at you with the most innocent eyes ready to spill at slightest behest and with the cutest little pout in the world. Do not give in.

Incentives are good avoid being too liberal with them
A lot of parents promise incentives if the kid behaves. Although incentives do put a stop to tantrums temporarily, being too liberal with them can backfire on you. Your child might throw tantrums for the perk or incentive that he knows he is going to get if he spills a few tears. A better way is to distract your child and indulge the efforts in some other activity.

Do not yell
Be calm and composed when you deal with toddler tantrums. Yelling back can intimidate the child and instil a fear. Also, avoid revealing your emotions. Do not revert to physical punishment either. Ignore the tantrums until your child calms down.

Once the tantrum passes, hug and cuddle the child so that the feelings of neglect and insecurity do not creep in. Further, this helps reinforce the fact that good behavior will always win love in return.

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