Is Your Son A Confident Boy ?

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Learn ways to raise a confident boy

Is Your Son A Confident Boy ?

Young boys are usually found to be less confident as compared to girls of the same age. They are shy of the opposite sex, are scared to talk in public and find it difficult to socialize in a gathering or party. Raising a confident boy hence is very important and will definitely take your time and effort.

Below are certain points which if kept in mind as a parent, can enhance your kids personality and make him more confident.

Delegate responsibility
Boys generally don’t abide by tasks which are assigned to them and shun away from responsibilities. Assign certain daily chores to your son. Doing tasks like cleaning his room himself, fetching groceries from the store etc will give him a sense of worthiness and responsibility.

Make him to love himself


Good friends build up your child’s character.

One of every five boys, is highly sensitive or non-confident.

Low self- esteem leads to depression and suicidal tendencies.

Teach your kid to love himself the way he is. Never compare a child as this will give him an inferiority complex and a feeling of worthlessness. Always appreciate your kid and tell him that he can do better than before rather than discouraging him by comparing him to someone else.

Appreciate his positive points and develop them further
Your kid must be having certain positive points, certain things in which he has an edge over other kids of his age. Appreciate those points and skills. Also develop those skills by putting him in extra classes related to those. This will make him confident right from the initial growing years.

Educate him in a co-ed
Boys who study in a co-ed are used to being around girls and know how to interact and deal with them better. This prevents complex personality traits from developing in kids.

Let him show his emotions
Boys are often expected to stifle their tears and curb their anger. This leads to blocked emotions and difficult to manage negative feelings. Encourage your son to express his emotions and talk to him reasonably once he is calm. It’s much healthier than bottling it up.

Take your boy to a friend’s house, a social gathering or a park quite often so that he feels free and is able to socialise well. Also teach him how to converse on the phone with your near and dear ones. Hence, he will never be shy when he actually meets them because he has spoken to them quite often and can easily relate to them. Such telephonic conversations will increase your son’s confidence.

Extra-curricular activities
Boys tend to have a lot of energy. Make good use of his time and energy and get him enrolled in some extracurricular classes like dance, drawing, music, personality development, skating, taekwondo etc. These classes will develop his skills right from the beginning and the appreciation will further boost his confidence.

Give him time
Are you giving sufficient time to your kid? Are you monitoring his progress? These things are very important. When a child is given attention and listened to, he feels important and wanted. It also gives him a feeling of love and security. He feels free to discuss his problems with you and moves about confidently, because he has got his daily dose of love, care and affection from you.

Little and conscious efforts from your end will reap great benefits in enhancing your son’s personality and shaping him into a confident young man.

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