How To Counsel Your Daughter On Her First Menstruation

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Talk to your daughter and prepare her as she aproaches menstrual age

How To Counsel Your Daughter On Her First Menstruation

As your daughter approaches menstrual age; it is only wise to recognize the symptoms of approaching physical maturity and counsel her before her first period.

One of the most intimate moments in life that a parent (in most cases mother) shares with her daughter is when she explains about menstruation. It is a very delicate moment rift with hesitation, uncertainty and embarrassment.

However, an initiative by the parent is very important in order to make the child familiar with what actually happens in her body and assure her that it is a very normal part of being a girl. By having an open chat with your child, you are arming her to face the biggest biological milestone of her life.

Children today are attaining maturity very quickly, much before the young mind has a chance to comprehend the profound biological facts about life. Several schools have begun to organize health classes where they teach about menstruation. Although such initiatives make a child aware of a physical condition called menstruation, they do not prepare her emotionally. Here comes the undisputed importance and need for a talk with your daughter.

Know the right time to talk about it

Menstruation Trivia

Children as young as eight have begun menstruating in the recent times

Do not train your daughter to wear a bra as soon as she begins menstruation. It is often unnecessary and makes her feel more mature and self-conscious about her body

As a mother, it is very important that you recognize the physical changes in your daughter, which prelude the first menstruation. Some of the most prominent changes that take place are growth of pubic and underarm hair, budding development of breasts, acne and onset of body curves. Your daughter might also become moody. When you notice these changes, it is the time to have a one-on-one talk with her.

Find the right moment

Choose a moment when you can have utmost privacy and ensure that there are no interruptions to your talk. You can have it at home or probably go out on an early morning walk. Broach the subject casually and never assume a serious expression when you talk about it. Be cheerful so that the child is not uncomfortable.

Answer questions; do not shy away

When you decide to have a talk, be prepared to go all the way. Your daughter is very likely to ask questions because this is something very new to her. However, keep in mind that although she is on the verge of maturity, she is still a child. Answer questions in a way that does not scare her or make her feel uncomfortable.

Never shy away from answering questions. Explain about the bleeding, tampons, discomfort, abdominal cramps and tenderness in the breasts. Most importantly, educate her about sanitation during the menses. Reassure her that no activity in her life such as school, dance or sports will change after she matures.

Accessories are helpful

You can use the internet, pamphlets and books to show your daughters pictures of the menstrual system. Pictures leave a more profound influence on her memory at that young age. She will also be able to understand the things better.

Remember to give your daughter a huge bear hug at the end of your talk. She will need it and so will you!

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