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Is Your Child Sleeping Enough? Know For Sure

on Friday, 26 August 2011. Posted in Parenting, Kid's Health Written By: superadmin

Sufficient sleep is important; is your little one getting enough?

Is Your Child Sleeping Enough? Know For Sure

Sufficient sleep is vital for the physical and psychological development of all children. It is therefore, only natural to find most mothers concerned over their child’s sleep patterns.

Should a new born be sleeping continuously for hours or should an infant be woken up for feeds? Is your toddler too excited to sleep? Is your teen oversleeping or is she sleep deprived? Are only few of the many sleep related questions we have tried bringing an answer to.

Right from infancy to a child’s teens, sleep patterns keep changing and are perpetual cause of worry for mothers. While lack of sleep shows obvious symptoms in adults like tiredness, lethargy and lack of energy; kids can display a range of behaviors from hyper activity, to being cranky, demanding and even aggressive.