Homeopath; Dr. Shubhi Aggarwal

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Homeopath; Dr. Shubhi Aggarwal


Dr. Shubhi Aggarwal holds a B.H.M.S Degree and is a practicing Homeopathic physician. She is also a trained Nutrition and Diet consultant. In addition, Dr. Shubhi has a keen interest in child psychology and development and advocates learning through guided play for all children. 


You can put across your queries to Dr. Shubhi through our "Ask The Tzars " Section or contact her for online consultation at – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Being an active member of our panel of doctors; Dr. Shubhi also shares her opinions on Homeopathy, Health, Wellness, Child growth, Psychology and Development on HealthTzars.com. Here are some articles contributed by her :



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