Pediatrician; Dr. Sricha Sharma

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(MBBS, DCH, MIAP). New born, Child and Adolescent specialist.

Pediatrician; Dr. Sricha Sharma

Dr. Sricha Sharma (MBBS, DCH, MIAP) is a New born, Child and Adolescent specialist. She runs her private pediatric clinic in Dwarka, New Delhi. Dr. Sricha has formerly worked with hospitals such as Apollo Hospital Delhi, Action balaji Hospital and Delhi health Services. In addition to practicing privately, she is also a visiting consultant with Ayushman Hospital and Bensups Hospital New Delhi.

With Dr. sricha being an active member on our panel of doctors; you can put across your queries related to child health and development to her through our "Ask The Tzars" section or, you may contact her directly for online consultation at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call her @ - 011-45613095

Some articles contributed by Dr. Sricha :


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