Vaccination Schedule For Kids

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Vaccination Schedule For Kids

Vaccinations know-how is must for every parent in order to ensure good health for their little ones right from day one. Here is a tabular compilation of recommended vaccines for kids from birth to 10 years of age and some special vaccine info as well.

Given below is the vaccination schedule all parents must follow for their child after birth and keep up with it without lapses. The schedule shows the vaccines that a child needs at different ages and some special notes regarding each.




Important Note



Hepatitis-B, 1st Dose

These vaccinations are to be given immediately after birth, within the first two to three days.


6 Weeks

OPV-1st dose
IPV - 1st Dose
DTaP - 1st Dose
Hepatitis-B, 2nd Dose
HIB - 1st Dose

Incase IPV is not available, OPV alone can be given.



PCV - 1st Dose
Rota Virus - 1st Dose

These are optional vaccines and can be given to a six month old baby after discussion with parents.


8-10 Weeks

OPV-2nd Dose
IPV-2nd Dose
DTap - 2nd Dose
HIB - 2nd Dose
PCV - 2nd Dose (after 10th week)
Rota Virus - 2nd Dose (after 10th week)

PCV and Rota virus doses are to be given after a gap of 4 months. Some brands of Rota Virus vaccine may suggest 2 doses while others may require 3 doses.


14 Weeks

OPV-3rd Dose
IPV-3rd Dose
DTaP-3rd Dose
HIB 3rd Dose
PCV  -3rd Dose (after 14th week)
Rota Virus -3rd Dose(after 14th week)

Third dose of Hepatitis-B can be given when the baby is 6 months old.


6 Months

Hepatitis B-3rd Dose



9 Months



15-18 Months

OPV-4th Dose
IPV-4th Dose
DTPa - Booster Dose
HIB - Booster Dose
MMR  - 1st Dose



PCV - Booster Dose
Varicella vaccine

Introduction and followup doses for optional vaccines.Varicella and Hepatitis A vaccines can be given after 15 months.

8. 2 Years


A person requires to be revaccinated for typhoid every three to four years.
9. 5 Years

OPV - 5th Dose
DTPw/DTaP - 2nd Booster Dose
MMR-2nd Dose
Typhoid - Re-vaccination

The second dose of MMR vaccine can be given anytime after 8 weeks from the first dose.
10. 10 Years

Typhoid - Re-vaccination

At this age the adult formulation of Tdap vaccine is used.

Things to remember:

  • In order to ensure that vaccines work best, they should be given within the recommended age group only. A vaccine given before or much after the recommended time frame might be rendered ineffective.
  • These days there are several combination vaccines available in the market which help parents to reduce the number of pricks for the baby, when a large number of injections are due.
  • The flu vaccine is recommended every year for all kids above 6 months of age. The age group 5 and above is considered to be at maximum risk of flu.
  • If there is an epidemic, the measles vaccine can be given earlier than 9 months. It needs to be followed by MMR at 12-15 months.
  • Oral Polio Vaccine should be given to every child below 5 years, irrespective of previous doses, as and when the government drive is carried out, to help eradicate polio completely.
  • For pregnant women the minimum recommended interval between two doses of tetanus (TT) is one month.
  • For a baby whose mother is HBsAg negative, it is advisable that HB vaccine is given along with DTP at 6, 10 and 14 weeks. If the mother is HBsAg positive, the baby should be given Hepatitis B Immune Globulin (HBIG) vaccine within 24 hours after birth. However, if one is unaware of the mother’s HBsAg condition the vaccination should begin immediately after birth to avoid perinatal transmission of the disease. 

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