Vaccine Safety and What You Must Know

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Vaccine Safety and What You Must Know

Vaccination is a vital step to staying healthy and disease free. However, even today people are doubtful over their safety, usage, side effects, schedule and when or when not to get vaccinated. It is essential to clear all doubts regarding immunization in order to confidently take this leap to good health. Here is some information which might help putting your doubts to rest once and for all.

Vaccine safety tests and monitoring:

Since immunization begins right after birth, it is critical that ***vaccines*** are subjected to the highest safety standards not only before they are released but also as a continuous process of monitoring. One must realize that firstly, a vaccine is developed after years of research and secondly, as per the law; its effectiveness is again tested for another few years before it can be licensed.

It is usual for vaccines to have side effects as exceptions just as other medications do. However, this does not mean that vaccines are inadequately tested. In fact, all countries have their own governing authorities to test and monitor all drugs and medications.

The process of vaccine testing often takes five to ten years before it gets approved for a license. These bodies continuously monitor the vaccine for any health problems once its use has begun. Any anomalies can be brought to the notice of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). In case of any trouble, investigation into the vaccine begins immediately.

The governing bodies have often been found to order changes into the vaccine’s labeling and packaging; sending our safety alerts to the manufacturers for distribution and storage and in worse case scenarios withdrawing the vaccine and revoking its license.

Vaccine side effects:

Owing to the fact that each person has a different body constitution and ailments; it is possible that some people might react differently to a vaccine, even when others are showing no side effects at all. Most common side effects to a vaccine are fever or pain due to injection. However, sometimes people do not develop the immunity against the disease they have been vaccinated for and despite the immunization they may still get it. Apart from this, it is very rare to find people displaying severe side effects like allergies, or vomiting.

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Vaccine discriminations:

While it is advisable that each and every person be vaccinated as per the vaccination schedules; there are certain exceptions to the rule. If a person is suffering from a severe ailment he/she should not be vaccinated without the doctor’s knowledge or advice. A child or adult with vaccine allergy again should not be vaccinated without the doctor’s advice.

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