Methods To Reduce Vaccine Side Effects

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Methods To Reduce Vaccine Side Effects

Each person is different from the other and although not common, it is possible for some people to show side effects to vaccination received. Mostly these reactions or side effects are localized and can be avoided with a little care taken before and during injection of vaccine.

Given below are some of the precautions and care that can be taken while handling both - vaccines and those to be vaccinated; so that it is possible to reduce the incidences of vaccine side effects.

  • Vaccines should be stored correctly as per the given instructions, under proper cold storage facilities
  • The vaccine should be administered through the correct route only, using the correct length of needle.

Always ensure that a new needleis used every time the patient changes or it has been used for drawing up once so that -

Vaccine trivia:

  • As opposed to popular belief, a smaller needle may cause more discomfort than a longer one.
  • If vaccine droplet is seen on the skin’s surface, know your vaccinator was forceful in injecting the vaccine.
  • Ensure the alcohol from your cleaning swab before the injection has dried before taking the shot, as it too can enter the skin with the needle.
    • The risk of infections is minimized.
    • Nothing from the previous vaccine remains on them.
    • If the needle has got blunt as a result of passing through the rubber stopper of the vaccine bottle it can be replaced; as blunt needle can cause trauma to the patient’s tissue.
  • It is important that the vaccinator should maintain a controlled injection rate and preferably use a 1ml syringe. The plunger of the 1ml syringe moves more smoothly than that of a 2 to 3 ml one. Therefore, less force is required to inject and chances of medicine backtracking due to forceful injection are reduced.
  •  The vaccinator should never mix vaccines in a syringe unless explicit prescribing instructions state the same.
  • The person to be vaccinated should be advised to relax muscles as tightening of muscles can aggravate the pain later and cause the medicine to get accumulated at one place only.

Being well informed is the key to ensuring a reaction free inoculation for yourself and your baby. Whenever, in doubt do not hesitate to question your vaccinator without any fear of being laughed at or snubbed. You have the right to be informed, especially when it’s your own health at stake.


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