Editorial Policy

Written by superadmin on 08 December 2011

Healthtzars.com functions on the ideology of credibility, commitment, objectivity and accuracy and we aim at providing our users with content and information they can rely upon in terms of authenticity and accuracy.

Our editorial team strictly adheres to the core principles and ideologies of the site and works tirelessly to upkeep the highest professional standards so expected of them.

We therefore, find it important to inform our readers, users and members; the following points, in order to give you a clear picture of the editorial policy we follow at HeathTzars.com:

  • The content on the site-news, features and articles are decided only by the editorial team of healthtzars.com.
  • The site does not function keeping in view its advertisers, stakeholders or the managing personnel.
  • The team makes sure that all content on the site is authentic, unbiased and latest. We work on the policy– "stale news is no news."
  • All writers chosen by us for our site are selected not only on the basis of their flair for writing but also for their grammatical correctness and flexibility to adhere to our in-house writing guidebook.
  • Each topic chosen for the site is chosen by our editorial team with great care. The article is written keeping not only the subject relevance, accurateness and appropriateness in mind but also the minutest details like spellings, sentence framing, content layout, presentation and grammatically correct use of words.
  • Certain technically complex news items go through our review and scrutiny section before they get okay-ed for publishing. This section is looked after by our team of subject experts who re-check the material for its content correctness.

Our aim is to provide our readers and users with a wonderful reading experience and content that keeps them abreast with the most latest and useful we can find in the health and wellness industry and we are proud to have a team that supports us in all our endeavors.