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Treating Different Medical Conditions with Massage Therapy

Posted by Kerry Blake
Kerry Blake
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on Friday, 27 February 2015 in Health Blogs

Many studies have pointed out the health benefits that come with a good massage. But as you may have noted, there are many types of massage therapies that are offered on the service menu, all treating different kinds of health conditions. Let us break it down to various medical conditions and the appropriate massage techniques that they heal respectively.

Lower Back Pain- Neuromuscular Therapy

People suffering from chronic lower back pain can find enduring results by having a good massage by professional therapist. According to research conducted by the Center for Health Studies and A Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, it was determined that specific components of neuromuscular massage therapy contribute a bigger percentage to easing lower back pain. What’s more, a study that was published in the Annal of Internal Medicine proved the idea that this therapy offers better results than other medical treatments such as spinal modification.

Muscle Pain/Soreness- Trigger Point Massage

This type of massage focuses on specific areas or muscles of the body, and works to relieve muscle pain and soreness. In this technique the exact problem is identified and the therapist coaxes it with deep pressure to make it relax. According to WebMD, a trigger point is basically a tight area within muscles that may cause pain in a part of the body. This technique releases the constricted areas thus alleviating the pain with just a single treatment.

Stiffness- Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on applying pressure onto specific muscle points, but unlike trigger point massage, it feels more like one is pushing into all your knotted muscles, leaving you feeling sore. According to Moyer Wellness, therapists use ankles and elbows to relive stiffness on muscle tissue. This type of massage is ideal for athletes as well as those looking for physical therapy to help them in breaking down process of scar tissue. 

Premature Ejaculation - Tantric Massage

PE is a condition affecting males of all ages. It tends to occur due to lack of neurological response to the pelvic muscles, or physiological complications. Tantric massage has been proven to offer good results when it comes to getting rid of PE. According to studies, this therapy focuses on relaxing muscles surrounding the perineum and lingam, and calming the nerves. It is recommended that one completes several sessions to maximize the results.

Anxiety- Shiatsu Massage

A research conducted by University of Miami School of Medicine showed that cortisol, a stress hormone, was reduced significantly after participants had Shiatsu massage. This technique originated from Japan and involves applying finger pressure to different areas of the body. The idea is basically to fix imbalances of energy flow. This massage can also help you in treating ailments such as back pain and headache.

According to various studies, there’s really no doubt what massage therapy can offer people, when it comes to their health and well-being. Different types of massage can help treat medical conditions such as anxiety, PE, stiffness, muscle pain, and lower back pain. If you are looking to relax your muscles and stay stress-free, then it would be wise you consider having various types of massage from time to time.

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