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Healthy Diet Tips for Children

Posted by Amy
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on Friday, 08 March 2013 in Health Blogs

Ensuring that your kids eat their plate clean is a tough task for any mother. When it comes to food, kids become choosy and fussy, mostly pick their food. There are various reasons that explain their behaviour. As they eat little, it is your duty to ensure that they get all the vital nutrients required for their body growth. With a bit of persuasion and smart dishes, you can make your kid clean his/her plate without much trouble.



Here are a few tips to help you better:


  • You can buy healthy fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid other sweet meats which are not healthy. Stock your fridge with healthy bites. When your kid is hungry, he/she would eat them. This way you can make your kids eat healthy snacks.

  • Lead by an example. It is true that children imitate adults, therefore set a good example by eating healthy diets. When you prefer healthy food, even your children would tend to choose it.

  • Chuck out soda pops and cola. Make fresh fruit juices and include this in their daily diet. This is a good way to ensure that your kid gets the nutrients. Kids would not say no to juice, therefore make fresh juices.

  • Encourage your child to choose healthy snack when you shop your grocery. This helps your kid to select healthy stuff at a young age.

  • Try to make boring dishes better with dips and sauces. This will help your kid eat more and also might look forward for it. You can give apple slice with yummy vanilla yoghurt. This is a tasty and a healthy way to encourage your child to eat healthy stuff.

  • Milk is the power house of calcium. Ensure that your kid drinks at least a glass of milk. You can add chocolate flavour health mix if he/she loves that flavour. You can give milk along with a plate of cookies.

  • Try to avoid deep fried, fatty and oily foods. This doesn’t help your kid in anyway. Try to minimize this if possible.

  • Provide healthy breakfast with a fruit and a glass of milk or juice to give your kid an energetic start.

  • Minimise the intake of sweet, sugary substances.

  • Encourage your kids to participate in outdoor sports and activities. This gives them the required energy and a good appetite. This is very important which most try to ignore.

If you are a single mom and are at your wits end thinking on how to provide the essential to your kids, you could consult child tax credits to help you support your kids. 

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