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Top 4 Tips Which Will Help You To Stay Alone When You Are Sick

Posted by Laura
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on Tuesday, 26 February 2013 in Health Blogs

No one likes to be alone when they're sick. In the modern world, however, people's busy schedules make for very difficult situations in which to leave a sick person. Most sick people would prefer not losing their independence and in order to facilitate them, the world has given them many conveniences which remove some of the worry about a sick person staying by themselves. The major benefit that has come about in recent years is the development of the personal alarm system.

These convenient modern marvels make life a lot easier for a sick person living alone. Here are the top four tips for staying alone when you're sick:

1. Get a Personal Alarm System that Suits You

These systems are designed to alert someone in the case of a sick person falling and being unable to get back up or something even more serious. They set off a loud noise to attract attention to the sick person and depend upon anyone within earshot hearing the noise to come running. This helps make sure that even if the person lives alone they are never truly alone since help is merely a button press away. They come in both battery-operated version and gas-operated versions, each one catering to a different type of person. Battery operated systems are usually smaller but gas systems provide a more loud and sustained noise.

2. Make Sure your Personal Alarm System is Always Available

The thing with alarm systems is that they require a certain amount of preparation in case they should ever need to be used. As a result, you should always check your alarm system in case the batteries are getting worn out. Gas-based systems allow you to shake them to tell how much is left in the canister, and so not worry about using up the fuel for testing the usability of the product.

3. Have your Alarm Monitored

Recently, alarm system companies have started to roll out systems where they have a constant monitor for the alarm systems in case the user has a problem and there is no one nearby. They contact the nearest hospital to dispatch Emergency Response Medical Teams for the sick person. This is a comfort for a sick person living alone because they know that they will always have someone to call on in the event of an emergency.

4. Have a Visible ID nearby

In the event that your alarm system goes off and a medical team is dispatched, they will have to know particulars about you in order to make sure the drugs they are giving you are within the limits of what your body can handle and to make sure that your medical files are pulled in a prompt manner. This is a priceless benefit to doctors and nurses, and it could save your life since in an emergency, every second counts. You don't want them wasting time trying to find information about you while you're suffering. Easily available identification makes it easier for the health care professionals to save you.

As you can clearly see, a personal alarm system is a priceless tool for any sick person living alone. It gives both them as well as those they care about the peace of mind that they desire by taking away the worry about something happening and no one being around. It helps the sick person retain their freedom by making sure they do not need someone to constantly follow them around. It is truly a remarkable device.

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