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Written by superadmin on 08 December 2011

HealthTzars is an e-magazine started with an intention to build an all informative health portal which not only brings together valuable information on an array of topics related to good health and staying healthy; but also brings to all its readers some latest news, expert advice and quick tips on maintaining one's health as well.

We chose the name "Health Tzars" as it best suited our vision and aspirations for this project. Just as 'Tzars' (also used as czars and pronounced as 'zars') were the monarchs of their domains; we wish to take this site to the top and make it an all encompassing information hub on everything related to health and wellness.

And, in doing so more than anything else, we need your good wishes and honest feedback. So go ahead and take a look at what we've come up with...

Even though these are baby steps by the Tzars as of now; we still want you to see the site, check it out and get back to us with whatever comes to your mind...

Your appreciation will encourage us... Your criticism will be our fuel... And your support will take us forward!!

What You'll Find @ HealthTzars:-

  • Health Tzars has exclusive sections dedicated to Women's Health, Men's Health, Kid's Health and Mental Health.
  • For informative inputs on staying healthy; check out our sections on– Diet & Nutrition, Exercise & Fitness, Beauty & Skincare and Alternative Therapies & Cures.
  • Our sections on Immunization & Health and Must Have Medical Tests provide valuable information on vaccination and various screening tests required at different stages of human life.
  • The doctors - Medtzars on Panel   voice their opinions through the HealthTzars Blog category – Metzars Speak
  • For all health related queries of our users we have the– Ask the Tzars section within our forum. Our team and panel of doctors will put in their best to bring you accurate and informative answers. Participate on active discussions on the forum.
  • There are some great Health Calculation Tools to use like the Height Calculator, BMI calculator, the Due Date Calculator and many more.
  • The Latest News section brings to you all the current happenings, studies, researches, findings and lots more in the world of health and medicine.
  • Ailments is our directory on diseases, which gives you an insight into the definition, symptoms, causes and possible treatments of a disease.
  • Find some thought provoking articles in our blog category - 'Food For Thought' segment.
  • The site also has an interesting Glossary feature. As you read along certain difficult words and terms related to health and medicine appear highlighted. As you move your cursor on them the meaning of those words pops up; enhancing the reading experience further.

If you think that the stuff we've put out there is worth a read, suggest HealthTzars to your friends too. We'll constantly be working on the site, improving it with each passing day.

Your feedback will therefore, be eagerly awaited. Do take out time to comment on our articles and make this site a better experience.

Thanks &Regards

Ishpreet Bindra

(Administrative & Editing Manager)

& The Whole Team @ Heathtzars.com

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